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Here you will find all available information about the circuit simulator.
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Main characteristics:

SimulIDE is built around an event driven simulation engine with 1 ps accuracy.
But there are still some components that need a periodic update, for example reactive components (capacitors and inductors).

There is no separation between digital and analog modes, everything run in analog mode, this means that logic pins have configurable impedance, output voltage, LH and HL thresholds. Allowing the simulation of effects like fanin / fanout, different logic families, etc.

There are several methods to create custom components, like subcircuit, modular components and based in scripts, with several modules available for communication, memories, displays, console, etc.
Primitives, modular and scripted components can also be linked in different ways and combined into subcircuits to create more complex components, logic subcircuits and boards.

Several Microncontrollers and CPUs are supported, featuring a monitor to watch registers, variables, PC, Status bits, RAM, ROM, and PGM.
It is also posible to compile, upload and debug code from the Editor using almost any compiler via configuration files.

There is also a file browser with predefined bookmarks to settings and configuration files, being able to add custom bookmarks, open circuits in the simulator and other files in the Editor.

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