Last builds for testing


Updated May 10 2024.

This is the development branch. It can be very unstable.

These are last builds of master branch at 0510:
Windows 64
Windows 32
Linux 64

1.1.0 Components in single file format (add to user_data_folder/components):

All changes:

Changes since Commit 0501:

Bug fixes:
– Boards: Some Components visible when shouldn’t be.
– DataSpace::getRamValue returns before sertting m_isCpuRead flag.
– 8051: error at instruction DJNZ.
– 8051: Fix Debug step over.
– Don’t convert Package names if not converting.
– Subcircuit: Don’t show any component if Logic Symbol.
– Function: create and compile script at simulation start.
– Atmega32: errors in Timer1 registers.



Updated April 22 2024.

Stable release, last bug fixes.

These are last builds of 1.1.0 branch at Revision 1936:
Windows 64
Windows 32
Linux 64

Watch the complete list of fixes here:

Bug fixes:
– SubCircuit: Fix mainComp with changed uid.
– 8051: clean up & correct some addressing issues.
– MCU OCunit: avoid scheduling if Timer not running.
– 8051: restart PC after PGM end.
– Shields: add nested context menus.
– Errors in atmega16 Interrupt vectors.
– MCU Interrupts: call calbacks even if already raised.
– IntProp: avoid setting m_unit if property has no unit.
– 8051: errors in instructions SETBb, CLRb, CPLb.