Last builds for testing


Updated February 11 2024.

This is the development branch. It can be very unstable.

These are last builds of trunk branch at Revision 2194:
Windows 64
Windows 32
Linux 64

All changes:

Changes since Rev 2161 (RC1):

Bug fixes:
– AVRs: Pin INT interrupt continuous LOW nop flag.
– Serial Terminal to graphical.
– Reactive: error in reactive step (R2099).
– Transistors: Update visuals at type change.
– CapacitorBase: error in translation.
– Utils: remove Error dialog (can block GUI).
– Dial: fix steps in slider mode.
– Dial: save current value.
– Switches: don’t force key uppercase.
– Modules: several issues.
– Boards: error deleting attached shields.
– AVRs: Jump to ISR should take 4 cycles.
– CodeEditor: get device and family from first line in file.
– CodeEditor: cfg file with relative paths.

– SSD1306: Commands:Multiplex Ratio, COM Out Scan Dir.
– GLCDs: improve visuals.
– InfoWidget: added real FPS & GUI overload indicators.
– Attinyx4 added USI.
– Improve properties visuals.
– Updated Czech translation.
– Use QColorDialog for color properties.
– Subcircuit: added Bus Pin.
– Transformer: mark Primary top side.
– SerialTerm: added “Open” button.


Updated December 17 2023.

Stable release, last bug fixes.

These are last builds of 1.0.0 branch at Revision 1448:
Windows 64
Windows 32
Linux 64

Watch the complete list of fixes here: