If you came hereā€¦ thank you very much for your interest!

A project like this is only possible with the effort of many people.
If you want to contribute to make SimulIDE a better application there are several ways to do it:

Reporting bugs and other problems:

This is by far the most important thing you can do to help.
Let me explain why:

Currently there is only one person working reguarly in this project, doing these tasks:
– Writing and maintaining the source code, bug fixes, etc.
– Writing the documentation.
– Maintaining the Spanish translation.
– Creating and maintaining this site.
– Attending the forum, emails, etc.
– Doing some videos (at least trying).

It is imposible that one person can do even 1% of all the testing in addition to the rest of the tasks.
But users of the simulator, just by using it, are testing the program in many posible ways.

If every person that experience a problem reported it, the development of this project would accelerate massively.
Note that a big part of bugs are easy to solve, we just need to know they are there.

Patreon and donations:

The income of this project is increasing continuously (thank you so much!).
But it’s still a fraction of the money needed to maintain even one person.

Ideally we should have a team of several developers, someone to work in documentation and other texts, web maintainer, graphic designer, some professional tester, etc.

By now we are far from that, but hopefully soon we can reach a point where we can afford some paid collaborations and accelerate the development of this project.


There are some translations that are maintained more or less regularly:
– Spanish.
– Czech.
– Russian.
– German.

The rest are not well maintained, so if someone is interested to work in one of them it would be much appreciated.
If you want to complete a translation or translate to some other language check this post in the forum:


There is a lot of work to do to improve the documentation.
If you are good at explaining things, writing text, or creating documentation in general, feel free to contact us in the forum and help in this very important part of this project.

Also if you miss something please comment it in the forum to add it.


If you are a developer and want to contribute there are many things to do.
The best way is to comment in the forum or contact arcachofo to know what to do.

If you develop some functionality by your own it could fit in the plans for the project or not.
It is better to talk and discuss first and work later.