This feature is only available from version 1.1.0.

When you link two or more component, the “active” one will perform some action over the linked components, usually sending some data.

For example you can link a dial to several potentiometers, then when you adjust the dial all the linked potentiometers will be automatically adjusted to the same position.

  • Only some components have the ability to link to other components.
  • Most component can be linked, but only some can perform actions.

  • Dial
    Send value between Min. Value and Max. Value (in properties)

  • Text Component
    Shows value label from linked components.
    Syntax: $dataN (N = component index).

  • Led / Diode
    Send value of current flowing through (for 40 mA it sends 0.040).

  • Dc Motor
    Send value 0 to 1000 corresponding to rotation angle (1000 = 360º)

  • Stepper
    Send value 0 to 1000 corresponding to rotation angle (1000 = 360º)

  • Scripted
    Can send any value from the script (double or string)

Can be linked:

  • Dialed (Dial, Potentiometer, Variable Resistor, Resistive Sensors):
    Can receive a value (resistance, luminance, etc) or dial position:
    i = 0: set Dial position (0-1000)
    else : set resistance value.

  • Text Component
    Can append or set text:
    i = 0: set text.
    else : append text.

  • 7 segment BCD
    Can receive a display value or segment on/off:
    i = 0: display value (0-F).
    else : 1 bit for each segment.

  • Clock & Wave Gen
    Can receive a frequency value.

  • Capacitor
    Can receive a percentage capacitance (0 to 1000 = 0 to 100%).

  • Inductor
    Can receive a percentage inductance (0 to 1000 = 0 to 100%).

  • Controlled Source
    Can receive a control voltage or current.

  • Scripted
    Can receive a double or string value.