SimulIDE Knowledge Base

SimulIDE relies in a set of external files for different purposes.
In SimulIDE root folder you will see 2 folders:

  • examples: example circuits.
  • data: configuration and auxiliar files.

SimulIDE executable must be in the same folder than examples and data to work properly.

Data folder:

This folder contains configuration and other auxiliary files for Microcontrollers, subcircuits, compilers, etc.

Some dedicated folders are:

  • codeeditor: contains configuration files for the Editor and Compilers.

    • compilers: here are configuration files for compilers.
      You can edit some of these files if needed or add new ones.
    • syntax: files to define highlighting for different languages.
  • help: files to add help text to Property dialogs.

  • images: contains images used by boards and some component icons.

The rest of the folders are used by Custom Components: Subcircuits, Microcontrollers, Scripted.

User data folder:

You can add or override any of the files in SimulIDE data folder using your own “user data folder”.
You can configure the path to your data folder in Application settings.

You can create your own components for SimulIDE and add to your user data folder.
This way they will be there even if you change SimulIDE version.