SimulIDE Knowledge Base

This is a plain text editor with syntax highlighting, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo and basic auto-indentation.

It is possible to open multiple documents that will be arranged in movable tabs.
When a file is modified, an asterisk: * will appear in the tab besides the file name.


Tool bar

At the top we find the tool bar with 5 sections (from left to right):



settings.svg open settings menu:
> Editor settings.
> File settings.
> Compiler settings.

File actions:

lastfiles.svg Recent files: show a list of last files used.
new.svg New: create a new empty document.
open.svg Open: open a text file from disk.
save.svg Save: save active document to disk.
saveas.svg Save as: save active document with new name.


find.svg Find Replace: open Find replace Dialog.

Compiler actions.

compile.svg Compile: compile the active document.
upload.svg Upload to Micro: compile and upload to active microcontroller in the circuit.

Debugger actions.

debug.svg Debug: starts Debugger.

Text editor

In the middle, the text editor itself is the space where we can see an edit text files.

Editor Settings


  • Font Size: sets the font size ( also ctrl+ and ctrl- works) ( default 9).
  • Tab Size: sets the tab size ( default 4 ).
  • Spaces Tab: if true tabs will be spaces, if false they will be tabs ( default false ).
  • Show Spaces: if true you will differentiate empty from actual spaces or tabs.
    You will see tiny dots representing spaces
    and tiny arrows representing tabs (default false):


File settings


  • Compiler: compiler to use for this file.
  • Save settings at file close: whether to save file setting to a .cfg file.

Actions after opening this file:
If you save configuration, choose which actions to perform next time this file is opened.

  • Load Compiler: load compiler choosen above.
  • Load Breakpoints: load breakpoints used in Debugger.
  • Restore files: open circuit and Editor documents present when this file was closed.

Context menu:

Open the context menu by Right-clicking to: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Remove or Reload document.


To indent press Tab key.
To unindent use Shift + Tab key.
You can select a block of text and indent/unindent it.

New lines follow the indentation of previous line.

Syntax highlighting:

Syntax highlighting depends on the file extension and/or compiler used.
There are some syntax already supported:

  • 6502 asm.
  • AVR asm.
  • I51 asm.
  • PIC14 asm.
  • Z80 asm.
  • C/C++.
  • GcBasic.
  • Javascript.
  • Makefile.
  • Intel Hex.
  • Xml.

You can modify existing ones or add new syntax using the files at:
Or: User_data_folder/codeeditor/syntax/

Message Panel

This Message panel below the Editor view shows messages from the Editor, Compiler and Debugger.

Errors will appear highlighted in yellow background and warnings in bold orange.