SimulIDE Knowledge Base – DEBUGGER

It is posible to debug many types of source codes in SimulIDE.
For that, the proper Compiler should be configured and selected.


Starting debugger:

When your code can be compiled and uploaded without errors you can start a debugging session by clicking the debug button: debug.svg

If everything is ok you will see a message similar to this at the bottom panel:


The tool bar will change to debugger mode and an arrow icon will point to the first line of code:


Debugger actions:

step.svg Step: step to next line.
stepover.svg Step Over: step over function calls.
runtobk.png Run to Breakpoint: run until next breakpoint.
pause.svg Pause: pause if running.
reset.svg Reset: restart debugger.
stop.svg Stop: stop debugger.


You will notice that all lines that have been mapped are marked in dark green in the line number area:


These are the “active” lines, where the debugger will step and where you can place breakpoints.

You cann add or remove a breakpoints just by clicking in the line number area or by right-click and select action:


Breakpoints appear as yellow squares in the line number area.
And yellow indicators for all breakpoints will apeear in the scroll bar:


Message Panel

This panel below the Editor view shows some information about the execution of each debugging step :
- Source code line. - Clock cycles that took to execute the step. - Time that took to execute the step in microseconds.