SimulIDE Knowledge Base

This widget shows internal information about Modular Components, for example: - Program Counter. - Status Register. - RAM, ROM and Flash tables. - Watch Registers and variables.

To watch Registers or variables select “Variables” tab and add values to watch using any of 2 methods:

  • Type register name or address in Reg. column
  • Select a place in Reg. column and then double-click in a register in the list at the left.

If you save the circuit after adding values to watch, these values will remain next time you open the circuit.

It is also possible to save the list of registers you are watching to a file, so you can open it again in other session:

  1. Right-Click on any part of the RamTable view.
  2. Select Load os Save variable set ( .vst extension is used )
  3. Load or Save dialog will appear.
  4. Choose the file you want to load or type file name to save.