SimulIDE Knowledge Base
– Function –

In the function component each output is defined by a mathematical expression that can take inputs states and voltages as well as previous output states.

You can combine logic and analog values in a function.

To edit functions click in the button next to each output pin.
It will open a dialog to set the function.
You can also edit the function in component properties.

For example in a model of an OR gate with 2 inputs, the output function would look like this:

Logic operations:

  • Not: !
  • And: &
  • Or:   |
  • Xor: ^

Logic states:
- Input n:   “in
- Output n: “on

Analog operations:

  • Any mathematical operation aplicable to float numbers.

- Input n:   “vin
- Output n: “von

For example a model for a diferential amplifier with 2 inputs and 1 output, the output function would look like this (gain=10):
    vo = (vi1-vi0)*10

Note that to get output voltages instead of logis states, expression must start by “vo=”

You can combine logic and analog operations to get more complex behaivors.
For exaple this expression…
    vo = (vi1>vi0)(vi1-vi0)+(vi1<=vi0)vi0

..Will do:
- If Vi1 >Vi0: output = Vi1-Vi0
- Else:           output = Vi0