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In the DS1307.sim1 example, the DS1307 Module needs two pullup resistors from SDA to +5V and from CLK to +5V.

I f using GCBasic and the ds1307 library, it is not working without those two resistors and there is no communication over i2c.

Could it be, that in the Clock code example, there are some weak pullup resistors defined in in the code or in the library? Astonishingly for me, this one was working without the "physical" pullup resistors...

PS: The more precise DS3231 would be my favourite RTC that might be integrated in simulide in future - although I see some similarities to DS1307

Kind regards



Yes, DS1307 needs external pullups.
The library used in the example included in Simulide uses the pullups in Atmega328 pins.
Maybe the library in GcBasic does it in a different way.