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pic 16F887 support? [edited]

Hi, i'm kinda new to embedded development

I started learning pic using p16F887a p16f877a and was looking for a good simulation program, that's why i'm here

Everything is neat and well thought so i want to keep using it

It seems to be p16F887 p16f877 is supported but p16F887a p16f877a isn't

I want to add support for p16F887a p16f877a, but i don't know where to begin, if you would be so kind to show me some tutorials and such to help me, i would be grateful

Thanks for reading until end

Edit: I somehow managed to confuse the mcu model, correct ones are green colored, sorry for mistake


I think p16F887 and p16F887a are mostly the same.
Do you know about any significant difference?.

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I looked it up, they essentially the same, although there are some differences.

I found a device migration document online, may be it'll help us:

Well.. that document is for 87X, not 88X, but also in this case you can use 87X models in simulide as 87Xa.

I think there is no problem in using p16F887 model in simulide asp16F887a.

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Sorry for late response

Yes, it seems that for most part they're interchangeable, so i'll use it as is.

But still, it would be nice to fully add p16F887a as a seperate component as well

And, thanks to they being almost identical, it must be easy.

I would like to contribute and this is the most low hanging fruit i could possible take 😀

Is there a tutorial or any documentation for adding new microcontrollers?